Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My Writing Space

Everybody needs a place where they can work, be inspired and dream.  Doesn’t matter if you write in a mountain cabin, or a beach house on the ocean, or your bedroom in suburbia.  The important stuff’s going on in your head anyway.  All that fresh air and beautiful scenery would only be a distraction. 

Yeah, it's a mess, but when I'm "in the zone," I don't even notice.

My friend Chuy made me this sign so I won't forget what I'm supposed to do.


  1. Nice to see your writing spot. I told hubs I need another bulletin board. A map of Paris is on the other one in my study. I'm a prolific notes person and I need a place where these little reminders can be seen.

    Love that sign your friend made!

  2. Yeah, thanks. It's my new talisman.