Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Apologies Apologies Apologies

Sorry sorry sorry to anyone who comes to this blog and then realizes it hasn't been updated since September.  I started working full time last October and that's my main excuse. In addition, I'm doing freelance research for a friend's books about Hollywood.  In between, I'm trying to find time to complete my own novel (I'm almost done.  Really.  I know I've said that 9, 992 times before, but it's really true this time.  I promise.) And family, did I mention family?  Love them, great to have them, but, boy, are they a distraction.  So I guess it will be a while before there's a real update.  
Also, I have to find a new name for this blog.  I changed the name of the forest in my novel so now Tales from the Darkling Forest makes no sense.  (I know, newbie mistake naming the blog after a work-in-progress.  I'll never do THAT again.)  If anyone was has any brilliant ideas for a new name, let me know.

Meanwhile, thanks for stopping by.