Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Things I Do When I Should Be Writing

Procrastination.  I know should be writing, but when I hit a wall, it becomes easier to occupy my mind with something else.  The harder I try to focus, the worse it gets.  I'll look for any excuse to get away from the keyboard.  If I just stick with it and keep my fingers typing, I can usually work through my writer's block. But instead I find ways to distract myself from the task at hand...

Like I might get the urge to play a little ball.


Go out for a bite.

Have a long soak in the tub.

Try on snazzy new outfit.

Go for long walks in the park.


Or spend time with a friend.

Then suddenly, I'll be dog tired.

How do you procrastinate and what strategies do you use to get back to work?


  1. Love the pup giving us visual cues! I find sometimes I can't settle down enough to write, if something is bothering me in my wip or in life. Perhaps the muse goes away.

    BIC - get butt in writing chair, and write something, a future blog post, update a blog page, do something associated with writing, even research. If that doesn't work, giving it a little distance is necessary at times.

    Good luck, but remember it's summer. The fresh air and vitamin D is good too.

    1. The Muse can be fickle, D.G. I mostly have this problem when I hit a rough patch in my WIP. Then I have trouble concentrating or I get real sleepy or start having hot flashes. That's when I start looking for other things to do. But I know I just have to stick with it and it will pass.

      Thanks for your comment!

  2. Cute blog post! (And can that dog be any cuter?)

    The easiest place to procrastinate is the Internet!

    1. I know! Finn is an inspiration!

      You're right, Amanda. The internet is the number one place for procrastinators to go. But I didn't have any photos of Finn at a keyboard.

      Thanks for the comment! (And thanks for leaving all those photos on my computer.)