Friday, June 28, 2013

Cruising Altitude 2.0: WRiTE CLUB - Last Call

Get ready to rumble!

Sunday is the last day to enter DL Hammons's awesome head-to-head writing contest, WRITE CLUB.
Photo by Dan Holm
The contest features twice-weekly bouts where the winners advance to the play-offs, leading ultimately to a single champion.  To enter, you just submit a 500-word writing sample under under a pen name. A panel of ten celebrity judges (agents and writers and such) will read the entries and pre-select 32 of the best writing samples to climb into the ring, and face off, two at a time. Winners are chosen by the blog's readers.  Check out DL's blog, Cruising Altitude for more info.  Good luck!  I hope to see you in the ring.

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